Beehive Overview


A Rapid Application Development Platform for the Enterprise

Bhive is an application development platform, which allows you to accelerate your application development process, irrespective of the device the application was meant for. It allows business to model ideas into application, with virtually no code. Create elegant, Omni-channel and standardized apps that can be built and deployed all from a browser. Learn More !

Build Without Code

Visual Application Development

Model your Data Structures, User Interfaces, API Services and security visually, by dragging and dropping. Let business users and analysts build their own prototypes.

Model and Re-model your data with no-migration

Now iterate any number of times without the costly change requests. Drastic changes in your data structure require no migration of existing data. Eliminate rigid schemas of relational technologies and usher in schema-less No-SQL data storage.

Application Libraries

Reusable assets and connectors to many systems. Integrate with your legacy applications using our growing prefab libraries. Use pre-defined templates and application themes to jump start your application.

Deploy without Hardware

Bee on Cloud

Deploy applications on cloud, with a few clicks. Let us manage the infrastructure while you worry about your business.

Central Management

Manage your application centrally, control versions, access control user management from a central console.


Scale your application as you grow your business – automagically.

Build for all devices

Responsive UI

Harness the power of HTML5, CSS without hand-coding. Design once to fit any device.

Native capabilities!

Add camera, signature, geo-tagging capabilities to your application with ease.



Highly secured, fine grained, multi-layer security model. HTTP/SSL encryption per page, LDAP Authentication, Role based access control at document level and at UI level. Fine-grained and effective audits to track down any security threats. All authentication token are encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption.

Standardize and simplify

Standardize your technical skill base, to open technologies like Java, HTML5, AngularJS, etc.

Re-usable assets

Publish the applications you create in your private/public store, publish service/integration libraries that can be share across applications. Create custom themes and re-use themes on all your corporate applications.

Fault Tolerant

The platform is built on highly fault tolerant database supporting auto-sharding, distributed query support and integrated caching, allowing the application to never be taken offline, and thus providing 24*365 availability.

Integrate Anything

Access any cloud application via custom web services, or via prefab libraries. Expose your data through REST services that are highly secure. Intelligently discover and inspect external APIs through the API browser. Access and analyze data from SAP, Oracle, SharePoint or any other on premise applications and data bases to provide users a single aggregated view.