A Niche Training Services- Growing Knowledge by sharing knowledge

Jatah Worx believes training as Beyond Business – social upliftment and skills development ensuring Africa is at the cutting edge of technology with niche and critical technical skills that are globally relevant. Our primary goal is to create a pool of talent posessing rarely found technical skills.


  • Dearth of critical and scarce skills in Africa – predominantly around niche technology areas
  • Influx of international talent at higher cost and risk, does not address root cause of the problem
  • With many attempts at sector education and training, Employability or Work Readiness of the local youth are still questionable
  • Large businesses have made significant investments on IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and other niche technologies, but supporting skills are in short supply
  • These corporates are spending significantly on foreign skills from the likes of India, China, Europe and US
  • Corporates are mandated to empower previously disadvantaged citizens through Black Economic Empowerment (BEE)
  • Corporates are mandated to submit both a Workplace Skill Plan (WSP) to the government at the start of each financial year, and an Annual Training Report (ATR) on the status of WSP annually

Jatah Worx Contribution

Jatahworx’s initiative of providing creative technology solutions and business related training and services is dedicated to the bigger cause of bringing along a positive social transformation in South Africa and Africa. We're here to provide young university graduates and fresh talent an easily accessible platform to learn and experience cutting edge technology and technical skills. Our sole vision is to nurture a new generation of highly trained personnel within the country through creating an opportunity to learn and explore the changing technological world of business in more creative and scientific way and creating job opportunities for these learners through our relevant industry networks.

Who would benefit?

  • Corporates & Public Sector organisations
  • Universities & Training Institutes
  • Technology Service Providers