About Us

Jatahworx, headquartered in South Africa, is a pioneer in the space of delivering revolutionary business solutions with a creative edge. Jatahworx’s primary mission is to bring about a positive change in the technology scenario in the ever growing business scenario in Africa. With this socially inclined mission, Jatahworx strives to live up to its name. Jatah in Sanskrit means birth and Africa is known to be the birthplace of humanity. We’re here to bring about an Africa that is thriving in all aspects – mankind and technology, in cohesion.

There is a growing chasm between business demand for enterprise applications and IT’s ability to deliver them. Majority of organization can’t really fulfill their demands for new applications, at least not as a fast as they would like it to be, creating a widening gap between business demands and IT’s delivery capabilities. Crossing this gap is crucial to survive in this new-age app-driven world. Big Data, Social, Mobile, Application and Cloud (Big-SMAC), have radically changed the way business is done. It has created an economy that requires people, data, processes and companies to be always accessible and connected. Consequently, delivering new apps requires an openness and connectedness to ensure that they’re easily and seamlessly integrated with existing systems, processes, and data to deliver what the business needs. At the same time, enterprise apps should provide the ubiquitous access and reliability users have grown accustomed to, while working seamlessly across a growing number of devices.

Jatahworx is among the few companies in the world, to have developed niche products in the swiftly growing space of enterprise apps delivered over various channels such as cloud and mobile. Our signature product, Bhive, a Random Application Configuration and Development Platform enables businesses to enjoy the power of creative technology. Jatahworx’s vision is to provide comprehensive versions of Bhive to businesses for seamless transformation into solutions delivered from the cloud. Jatahworx also provides complete technology services to help enterprises adapt to new technologies.

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Meet Harriet Heymans- Advisory Board Member

An effervescent personality with a rich experience of 18 years in the Financial Industry, Harriet Heymans, is an honored Member of Jatahworx’s Advisory Board. Her professional endeavors comprise of diverse leadership roles in many reputed organizations such as KPMG, ABSA Bank, and U Bank and currently holds a position as Chief Financial Officer of Imperial Financial Services division. She has held highly distinguished and responsible positions in these organizations. She is a member of the IoD, SAICA and IRBA. Her key capabilities in practical strategies and rolling out business plans across channels and products render her to be a remarkable member of Jatahworx’s Advisory Board. Harriet brings with her extensive media training and exposure, business and financial management skills and emotional intelligence – all of which supports Jatahworx in its maturity and integrity and makes  it an outstanding organization.