Beehive Mobile

Beehive platform enables the development of applications that can be designed to work across devices. The applications built on the platform can be deployed on iOS and Android, in much lesser time and costs than traditional technologies. Mobile applications built on the platform allows a wide array of native functions presented out of the box. To advanced developers it provides the platform for them to write customized widgets and components that can be shared across projects.

Offline Access

Connectivity a serious threat to your business, use Beehive’s inbuilt form submission capability for submitting data even during connectivity loss. Data synchronization between the client and the server is initiated automatically as soon as there’s a network connection.

Native Functions

Give your application a rich native feel. Beehive provides native functions like access to contacts, geolocation and tagging, camera, gallery, signature, etc. and helps create responsive user interfaces that work on devices of every form factor.

API Support

You could use Beehive’s extensive API support to extend to write your own native mobile application with all backend persistence and security taken care –of. It can integrate with any mobile application on any platform.

Model with Ease

Beehive visual designer helps you model and design application with point-and-click ease that enables business analysts to create applications that are device independent. Beehive generates your applications while you concentrate on your business.