QueenBee Analytics


Because we believe data visualization should be easy and beautiful


QueeBeen Visual Analytics Manager (Q-VAM), is an analytical solution that makes it easy for people to see and understand modern Big-Data data sources. It can connect to Beehive application data sources or to other supported NoSQL data sources. It employs advanced algorithmic pushdown technology to keep data processing and analytics close to each other. Developing reports simple using the visual point-and-click metaphor that avoids complex code, that too real time.
Some advantages of Q-VAM over traditional BI frameworks :

  • Generate AdHoc, Self-service reports.
  • Integrate from multitude of disparate data sources.
  • Don’t limit yourself to traditional RDBMS sources.
  • Draw / Analyse off Unstructured data as well.
  • Excellent performance on large data sets.
  • Standard Reports, Charts and Dashboards.
  • Web APIs allowing access to report data from programs, scripts and applications.
  • Mobile Ready
  • Download visualizations as PDF or data exports as excels.